Data Recovery : How to Recover Files from Mobile Phones

Today we are totally dependent on our mobile phones from the smallest of things (taking a screenshot of something we love) to the most important tasks (carrying out payment transactions online). No matter how much care we take of our precious mobile phones, they are bound to face some issue, be it a minor or major issue. If the issue is major like our mobile phones crashing, we remain helpless and believe in anything that could save or recover our data.

 Data may need to be recovered from your mobile phone due to any or the following reasons:

a. Your mobile phone crashes.

b. You have mistakenly deleted certain files from you phone.

c. Your memory card was formatted.

d. Your mobile phone is infected with a virus.

Whatever may be the reason, you should keep in mind one important thing. If you do wish to recover wikipedia data, you shouldn’t at any cost overwrite the lost data. This means that you cannot save a new file, take a new picture or delete a file, as this results in overwriting and your data may not be recoverable.

The good news here is that you can recover the data from your mobile phone in a few simple steps:

1. Download a data recovery software (it may or may not be available for free)

2. Insert your memory card in the memory card slot on your computer or in the USB card reader.

3. Select the option to scan your memory card.

4. In the preview dialogue box, check to see if the files to want to recover are displayed.

5. Select the files you need to recover 

6. Click on the Save or Recover option 

This is all you need to do while trying to recover data from your mobile phone. Make sure to save your recovered data on an external disk along with your computer because it is never too late for a backup!