Data Recovery Services : The Best Top Free Digital Tools

Data Recovery Services : The Best Top Free Digital Tools

Have you ever wondered exactly what was on your phone or needed to monitor someone’s computer or tablet usage? If so, you’re looking to get into digital forensics or Data Recovery, which involves the investigation of digital devices. True, its a branch of forensic science that’s often seen on TV crime dramas and in real life court rooms, but there are several Data Recovery Services tools available that allow anyone to investigate phones, tablets, laptops, and other tech without any hassle or expense. If you’re looking to get top free digital forensic investigation tools, here are some great options. 

If you’re just getting into digital forensics or want something that’s simple, clean, and streamlined, Pro Discover Basic is a good choice. It analyzes a system’s hard drive, images it, and will provide an evidence report. If you’re searching for something specific, you can use Pro Discover Basic’s search node and enter your desired criteria. 

To efficiently search volatile memory dumps, Volatility is a good option. The program provides a framework for malware analysis and incident response in addition to giving you the ability to extract Data Recovery Services about running processes, process IDs, network connections, and DLLs. 

Obtaining digital evidence from mobile phones can be different from doing so on a PC, which is where Oxygen Forensics Suite comes in handy. The Standard Edition from 2013 enables you to obtain all sorts of device information, such as a phone’s serial number, IMEI, contacts, and messages sent and received, including MMS, SMS, and emails. You can also recover deleted messages, tasks, calendar information, and call logs. With Oxygen Forensics Suite’s file browser, you can analyze the video, device Data Recovery Services, photos, and documents on a mobile phone. 

Data Recovery Services

The SANS Investigative Forensic Toolkit (SIFT) is a digital forensic tool that’s based on Ubuntu. With it, you can generate a system log timeline, perform Data Recovery Services file carving, look through a PC’s recycle bin, and much more. If you need help trying to find where to look for digital evidence on your system, SIFT comes with useful help documentation and a menu bar. 

The Computer Aided Investigative Environment, better known as CAINE, is a suite of digital forensics software on a Linux Live CD. With it, you can launch tools for mobile forensics, Data Recovery Services, network forensics, and create semi-automatic reports. The interface makes it a good option for those who are new to digital forensics or need something user friendly. 

Another option for those who prefer the Linux Live CD format is DEFT, which contains a variety of popular open source digital forensics tools. With this suite of software, you can perform tasks such as hashing, Data Recovery Services, network forensics, and mobile forensics. DEFT has the option of being installed to disk or used as a live environment. 

Sometimes simplicity is best, and that’s where Last Activity View excels. It’s the tool to use if you want to prove what someone did while using a PC, and it allows you to see what the last actions were that someone performed on a specific device. It logs activity such as opening files from Windows Explorer, installing software, and running executable files. Reports can be exported to a CSV, XML, or HTML file.