Mobile Data Recovery Using The Chip-Off Technique

Mobile Data Recovery Using The Chip-Off Technique

In mobile phone data recovery, the “chip-off” method is used when information cannot be accessed through the user interface. Thanks to this advanced technique, data can be recovered from mobile phones that have suffered physical or electrical damage -either due to external causes or manufacturing failures-, as well as firmware problems (microcode that controls the electronic circuits of the device).

The chip-off also allows you to Data Recovery from flash memories such as the SD of cameras and recover data from pen drives and tablets. To perform a chip-off operation, it is necessary to de solder the memory chip of the motherboard with an infrared machine. The chip will then be connected to a flash memory reader in order to copy its contents.

The objective is to obtain a complete image of the raw information, to finally analyze and reconstruct it using specialized software. This procedure for recovering mobile data is delicate and laborious, so it is often used as a last resort, when other less invasive solutions are not applicable.

Recover Data from LG G4 Mobile :

As an example, in the {Company Name} we have used chip-off to recover data from the LG G4 model (in the header image), which had become useless due to a known manufacturing failure. Since last year many users of the LG G4 have found that their terminal suffers unexpected restarts and overheating.

Data Recovery

The source of the problem: the welds of some components of the motherboard deteriorate, and the overheating of the motherboard causes the phone to be continuously resetting. The symptoms: the mobile enters a loop of restarts when turned on, it becomes unusable and it is impossible to access the data.

The solution: In this case the chip-off has been the technique used to recover the Facebook data from the mobile.

Data Recovery for Broken Phones :

It is no surprise that mobile phones end up hosting large amounts of our most valuable information, given their unstoppable penetration and usage rate. Contact books, phone numbers, emails, music, photos… irreplaceable content if the device fails and we do not have, or does not work, the backup.

When phones break down, manufacturers’ technical services are usually enabled only to repair device failures, and data is lost. If you want to recover data from a damaged mobile, do not hesitate to contact our data recovery laboratory. {Company Name} has the most advanced technology and a team of technicians specialized in recovering data from mobiles, tablets and any other digital device.