How to Access Files that won’t Open

How to Access Files that won’t Open

In a computer, a file is a portion of information that is self-contained and existing in the operating system or other different programs. A file contains any form of Data Recovery Services. Files can be understood only by individual applications that use them. A file extension will determine its format. File attributes set conditions for a folder such as read-only files while a file name identifies what file it is. Files could be images, documents, videos etc. A file name does not affect the contents as it’s meant only for identification.

How to Access a Files that won’t Open :

There are reasons why a file fails to open. These could be either they are corrupted, or the program that you are using is not correct, or they were saved in a wrong format. 

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1. Research on the cause :

To open such files, first, do some groundwork and try to place the problem. When done, select the most excellent way for a solution. The message that pops out if you decide to open such files could give a clue of the problem. When prompted to indicate the way you wish to open a specific file your choice may prompt the operating system to offer applications that may open a mysterious format.

When software cannot read a file within a program, it will indicate invalid file type or unreadable content. This is an indicator of a corrupt file or a wrong extension. This can be solved through some tools like online TrID File Identifier or Check File Type . Upon identifying the type of file, look for a suitable program that can open it. 

2. Modification the file extension or format :

• The three letter code after the dot is the file extension but Some files come without extensions, but you can bring them up by going to windows explorer, steer to the View tab, then tick the file name extensions box. At macOS, select finder and on preferences choose the advanced tab where you tick the options show all filename extensions. A file name must match the format. Thus for extension change click on the file and revise the extension for the format.

• For a wrong format, the file must be saved again on a different standard. Inside a document page, target file then exports to and keep in a word format using a .docx extension or .doc. Some programs like Handbrakes which are available for macOS and windows may convert to workable formats for videos. Else use VLC Media player or Irfan View for images. 

3. Restoration of damaged files :

Corrupted files require a dedicated repair tool. For each program, a specific device is used. Thus a tool for word processor will not work for a video or a song. For a start, it is advisable to look for any information concerning the file and its extension but When done do an online search that will lead to the format type needed. For a word document, for example, there is an inbuilt repair feature whereby upon opening the program, point to open other documents then select browse. Pick the damaged file, tick the down arrow adjacent to open key then select open and repair.